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If you're a gardening enthusiast looking for some fun and useful links, you're in luck! We have a fantastic selection of resources to help you cultivate and nurture your green thumb. From step-by-step guides on planting and pruning to tips on pest control and soil fertilization, our links cover a wide range of topics to assist you in your gardening journey. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro, our collection of links will surely inspire and educate you. So grab your gardening gloves, dig in, and explore the wonderful world of gardening with us!

Find your garden zone with the USDA Winter Plant Zone Map

Find your garden zone with the Sunset Magazine Climate Zone Map

Our Club's parent organization, the California Garden Clubs Inc., website

Explore California's native plants: Calflora

Learn about houseplants in this free, fun course by the FastGrowingTrees website: Houseplant Care 101

Learn about fruit trees in another free, fun course by the FastGrowingTrees website: Fruit Trees 101

Enter or look up any botanical plant name to verify it and its relationship to other plants WFO Plant List

Tons of information on gardening, houseplants and more (click the "Gardening" menu to start): Gardeners Net

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The California Native Plant Society. Calscape

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Find your garden zone with the American Horticultural Society Heat Zone Map

Growing houseplants from the Gardeners Net website: How to Grow Houseplants

Sacramento Valley Gardening via the "Sacramento Digs" website and newsletter

Butte County gardening events, projects and info. Butte County Local Food Network

Great blog posts on Butte County plants and trees by the Butte County Master Gardeners: The Real Dirt blog

The Butte County All-Star Plants! website