About the Chico Horticultural Society

Our primary interest is to educate the public and our members on all topics of flora and horticulture, including flower design and growing. Founded in 1921, the Chico Horticultural Society is one of the oldest horticulture societies in California. It is also a charter member of California Garden Clubs, Inc., a statewide horticulture society chartered in 1931. We are a non-profit organization, interested in sharing our love of horticulture, nature, and gardening.

In our monthly meetings we socialize, share knowledge with each other and we have guest speakers on anything and everything plant related. We also bring in plant material to identify, explain, and to share (seeds, cuttings, and divisions).

The club also gives back to our community with school gardening grants to local schools, and we maintain the beautiful landscaping around the Chico History Museum in downtown Chico.

We host an annual spring plant sale as a fund raiser each April at the local Home and Garden Show at the Silver Dollar Fairgrounds, and we host a Holiday Greens Workshop each December. These events are fun for members and the public and are terrific fund raisers for our charitable projects.

Let’s work together